Mobile apps have become one of the inevitable parts in today’s modern world. There are various apps available in the market today. In fact, multiple apps are available for the same solution. Therefore, it becomes extremely difficult and confusing to decide which app to go with. Here comes the need of customer usability and app intuitiveness. Hence, developing a feature rich app with extreme user-friendliness has become a challenge.

 Ways to Make Your App Design Catchy

Some of the key factors, essential for developing such apps are:


When designing something as small as an app that takes limited space has to be as simple and clean as possible. Adding too many shapes and images to the app will only make it deteriorate its look and visibility in the app market. Hence, it is vital to focus on just one concept, feature and color. Showing off multiple designs will only make the app look pretty visually and not functional, and would hardly be able to bag any recognition. The wise thing would be to use the limited space carefully and not stuff the app with too many graphics.

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Engaging user interface:

The foremost need to get the app identified in the marketplace is its user interface. The users should feel comfortable while using the app. The app should be able to use maximum features of the mobile and explore the features to provide enhanced user experience. The UI should be consistent with fresh ideas.

Create for multiple devices:

Each mobile platform, namely: Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry are different from each other in a number of ways and also the requirement for an app is different. Hence, the app should have a consistent design that can work on all the major platforms. The cross-platform reaches would increase the visibility of the app tremendously.

Better use of colors:

Using vibrant and bright colors will make the app stand out among the variety of other background images, colors and other app icons. It is highly important to use the right colors which would make the app look good on number of backgrounds.

App icon:

The app icon should clearly describe the brand or the company either by a symbol, alphabet or an image. Use a good color combination for the icon that would help the app to stand out among the rest of the marketplace. App icon is the first things the user would view and judge the entire app on the basis of this icon. Hence it is very important to be creative at the same time should display the company’s message clearly without any confusion.

Follow the above mentioned points and get the app rank higher in the app store.

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